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What's new - Oct 25 2023 - Navigation updates, meeting booking integration and more

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Shared by Emily • October 27, 2023

New features, improvements and bug fixes released on Riipen from Oct 5-25.


  • Basic navigation has been updated for all users to make it easier to find your profile, the option to switch portals or companies, and the marketplace. Overview here.
  • As an educator, I can now limit the number of teams a learner can join under one experience. Learn more


  • As any user, I should see the link to sync my calendar to an external one from the calendar page. On your calendar page (accessed via calendar icon in top navigation bar) you will now see the "Sync calendar" link above the calendar which provides the option to add your Riipen calendar to iCal, Outlook calendar, Google calendar or other tools.
  • As a survey creator, I can add introductory text for respondents to explain the purpose of the survey or provide instruction.
  • As the recipient of a meeting invitation, I should have the meeting automatically added to my calendar. When a meeting is created on Riipen, all participants receive a confirmation email which has an ICS file attached with the meeting details. In Gmail, this lets the user add the meeting to the calendar in a single click from their email. The handling of these files vary by email client, but all have a way to make these easily turned into calendar events.
  • As an educator, I should have access to a survey summary page for each survey. For every survey on a portal or experience, you can now view "Replies" (individual responses) and "Summary" as additional tabs on the survey page. Summary provides an overview of the responses received to easily see what the trends are in your survey.
  • As a meeting participant (pending or accepted), I should receive a reminder email before the meeting starts
  • As a user viewing content in the marketplace, I should see existing matches and requests. You may notice now when viewing experiences and projects in the marketplace, you'll see if you have pending or accepted requests with that particular content.


  • A team member cannot complete milestones or the final submission without having started the project first.
  • Everywhere teams are listed, it is possible to filter them by "Status" (not started, in progress or complete).
  • Reorganization of experience settings items to better group the most commonly accessed items at the top and move functionality used by a minority of users to the "Advanced" section. Updated help article
  • "Enable learner member requests" is now un-checked by default on new experiences.
  • Employers can see whether or not they've provided feedback to a team directly from the team table in their dashboard or match page.
  • Reorganization of portal settings for more logical grouping of related settings.
  • Learner worklogs (time tracking) are disabled by default on new experiences but can be turned on via experience settings.
  • Events in chat conversations related to milestone and final submissions should link to the submission page.
  • Conversation details pane update: Each conversation in your Riipen message inbox has a conversation details pane; this has been improved to work across different screen sizes and show relevant context based on the conversation type. On large screens, the details pane is always visible. On smaller screens, access it by clicking the 3-dot menu at the top of the conversation and clicking "Content details"
  • Request table modification: Based on user feedback that the 'View' icon on request tables was too small/subtle, this has been removed and the first column of information in the match request table is now clickable instead. This brings the user to the match request page.
  • As a member of a company without Portal passes permission, the UI should prevent me from attempting to apply for a portal pass
  • In the team creation wizard dropdown of matches, show "{Company name} - {Match name}" rather than "Project name" to make it easier to identify the correct project.
  • Add program code to experience cards and experience pages.

Fixed bugs

  • As an educator, I should not see "Request match" on a project that is promoted to a marketplace outside my workspace.
  • Events should not appear on a learner's Riipen calendar for teams they were not accepted for
  • Reports menu item not visible to some users with reports access
  • Time zone not being set on user account at sign up