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What's new in April 2024

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Shared by Emily • June 14, 2024

New features & Improvements

  • As an educator, I am able to limit the number of matched projects per experience per company.
  • As an educator, I can duplicate an experience to copy its surveys.

  • As a portal administrator, I am now able to browse all companies on Riipen via a link from the companies tab from my portal.

  • As an educator, I can leave a note on a match request.
  • As an educator, I can view match request notes on the portal company record.
  • As an educator, I can see the source of a company note.
  • As an educator, I can view company portal activity when reviewing a pending match request.
  • As an educator, I can leave company notes on any company in the Portal > Companies tab, regardless of whether they have a portal pass or not.

  • As a survey creator, I can choose to display multiple-choice questions randomly to respondents.
  • Matrix-style questions have been added as a survey question type
  • Survey editors can now choose "Per experience" as a timing option, extending this functionality to both employers and learners.

  • As a experience administrator, I can now manually change team states from incomplete to active.
  • As a learner, when viewing “My projects” page, if I am not a member of any experience yet, I am prompted to join an experience.
  • As an employer, I can now select closed projects while submitting a match request from a dropdown list.
  • Navigation of feedback across the platform has been updated
  • Removed 'similar' content from marketplace preview pages
  • Endorsements are now visible on feedback pages.
  • Employers can now view all teams working on their project directly from the project page.
  • Employers can now see all applications to their project directly from the project page.
  • The project page sidebar now shows recent teams for employers.
  • The project page sidebar now shows recent matches for employers.
  • Experience administrators can now set maximum start dates for all teams or matches under their experience.
  • As a guest visiting the portal page, I will now see a a “Get Started” button which will guide me through the onboarding process
  • As any user, I now see milestone completion metrics in team progress bar.
  • As the recipient of a meeting invitation that I have not accepted, I see ‘accept’ and ‘decline’ buttons on the meeting standalone page.
  • As an employer, when deleting a member from my company or a project, I receive a confirmation modal that displays the member's name. This way, I can confirm the deletion with confidence, knowing exactly who I'm removing.
  • As an employer, I can reply to a kickoff-created notification email, and my reply is added as a message to the ‘kickoff’ conversation.

Bug fixes

  • As a user, when viewing a document agreement, a blank panel appears instead of a preview.
  • Fixed an issue where Safari users were limited to giving a maximum rating of 4.5 stars instead of 5 stars for feedback.
  • Resolved an issue where the title field in a survey was not saved when the survey was invalid.
  • Addressed a problem where, after the approval of a Portal pass, users were redirected to an Unauthorized screen instead of their dashboard.
  • Resolved an issue where users could proceed in the match request wizard despite entering an incorrect date value..
  • Educator updates are now only visible to the intended audience on the experience page.
  • Addressed a situation where teams were incorrectly marked as incomplete due to missing kickoffs, even when kickoffs were present.
  • Team state can no longer be changed after a team is completed.
  • Previously, when a user made an error answering the portal's custom questions, all other questions without errors also reset, causing users to re-enter/select their answers.
  • Experience settings survey filters were not working properly. When trying to filter experience surveys by status, phase, or user type, it would attempt to filter the surveys of the portal instead, leading to redirection to the wrong place.