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Whats new in March 2024

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Shared by Emily • March 13, 2024

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Date change requests

Dates for project timelines can be set be an experience, project, or team depending on an experience's setting. Previously, once dates were set they were immutable, which caused issues when teams or projects wanted to alter their timelines in any way. With date change requests you can now submit a request to change a start or end date for a specific project or team and have the other party accept it to confirm the change to keep your timelines on Riipen reflecting the ongoing needs of projects.


  • As an employer, I now see any linked project templates for an experience under 'Project Examples' on an experience page
  • As a portal admin, I can decide whether to display subportal experiences on my portal profile
  • As an educator, I now have the ability to download survey responses per survey
  • As en employer, when I receive a portal pass invitation to a company I am not a member of, I am directed to request to join that company
  • As a learner, I can see on an experience page how many teams I am in relative to “Teams per student maximum” when this limit exists.
  • As a learner, I can see on a match page how many teams I am in relative to “Teams per student maximum” when this limit exists
  • As a learner, I can see on a match page when “Unique students per matched project” is enabled and I am already a member of a team on that match.
  • As an educator, when duplicating an experience it also duplicates its surveys
  • As an educator or employer, when duplicating an experience or project it duplicates the agreements
  • As an educator, I can create teams from my experience learners teams tab
  • As any user, I can see who sets the dates and how learners are assigned to projects on the experience page.
  • As an employer, I can filter experiences by ‘Dates set by’ & ‘Learner project assignment’.
  • Updated terminology from "team" to "project" for learners in certain cases
  • As an employer, I can see on the experience page how many teams and learners I can accept per matched project.
  • As an employer or educator, I can see on the match page how many teams and learners I can have for that match, and how many I already have.
  • An educator can no longer modify dates set by experience after end date+10 days has passed
  • As a user invited to a portal/company as a guest, I no longer see the "Create experience/project" button in the welcome email
  • Organizer and attendee information added to meeting ICS files
  • UI update to portal pass application page
  • As a learner, I now see an informational notice after I submit an application

Bug fixes

  • Buttons above tables sometimes had words wrapped when there was space to not wrap
  • Educators and employers cannot always cancel an accepted match request which they should be able to cancel
  • Learners show as having no agreements signed when they were signed in certain circumstances
  • Employers should only see applications in the current portal on their dashboard
  • Some matches had negative team counts in some situations
  • User were promoted to sign agreements when already completed
  • Users unable to duplicate experience in some situations