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What’s new in February 2024

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Shared by Emily • February 05, 2024

Highlight features

Portal pass invites with Zapier

Portals can now send portal pass invites to their company network via Zapier to help automate this process with any external tools already being used to bring companies into your ecosystem.

  • Easily integrate with 1000s of external tools to bring your company network into your private Riipen network

Getting Started Reminders

All users will receive more content-rich emails when a project starts, including what to expect and what next steps should be taken.

  • Employers will be told what to expect from learners reaching out to them to start their project
  • Educators will be reminded of important dates and how to onboard their learners to Riipen
  • Learners will be told how to reach out to their project's employers and get the ball rolling


  • As a member of a company with a portal pass, I see a portal pass success screen for the current portal when I accept my portal pass
  • As a member of a company, when my portal pass application is automatically accepted, I am now redirected to the portal pass success screen
  • As a member of a company, the portal pass granted email I receive now contains a link to the success screen
  • As a portal administrator, I can edit the content in the informational notice on the portal pass success screen
  • As a portal administrator, I can list portal pass invites via API
  • As a portal administrator, I can get a portal pass invite via API
  • As a portal administrator, I can create portal pass invites via Zapier.
  • As an employer or an educator, I can share any feedback I receive on LinkedIn
  • Conversation preview UI update used in various page sidebars
  • Updated Team Final Submission Email subject line
  • Updated the agreements panel on the team page to say "Agreements" instead of "Getting started"
  • Modified column display on smaller screen sizes for match request table
  • Removed team members list in the team page overview tab sidebar
  • Content and copy refreshed on “experience starting soon” emails with what to expect/do for all users
  • Small UI updates to the Teams Table

Bug fixes

  • Member request with already accepted member request but no member would fail silently
  • Portal pass success screen showing 0 recommended experiences when 1 or more exist
  • Learners may receive a "Failed Dependency" error when trying to add their payment info.