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What’s new in December 2023 - Match request usability, conversation context and more

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Shared by Emily • December 28, 2023

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Answer match requests from your dashboard

Answer match requests more efficiently and see at a glance where action is required. By adding the ability to accept or decline requests from the dashboard, we allow educators and employers to act more quickly to respond to other users who are interested in matching with them.

Link back to context in conversations

Across all conversation types, we’ve added more events that help give discussion about the conversation taking place. These events have been updated to be more descriptive and link back to the activity referenced.


  • Learners are now required to provide date of birth at sign up in order to collect parental consent for users under 18
  • After signing an agreement a user is now redirected back to the agreements tab to complete other agreements they may need to sign.
  • UI update to social network links on user profile to make them more consistent with other elements, and more prominent
  • UI improvement to content recommendations page following experience or project publication to make these more visually appealing
  • As an educator, when viewing a project page, the “Your latest matches” & "Pending requests" sections now have “View all” CTA so that an educator can see all their past interaction with that project
  • An educator who joins an experience after a match request was created is now automatically given access to existing match request conversations.
  • The “Matches” table on an experience now has the Application status and Categories filters always visible to improve ease of use.
  • As an educator, I should see a “Surveys” tab on the Team > Members > Member detail page so I can see what surveys each member has completed.
  • When I receive an email notification about a new match request, the email now contains the full overview of the project or experience that is requesting to match with my content.
  • When I receive an email notification that I’ve been awarded an achievement, the email now contains the full description of that achievement.
  • When I receive an email notification that a user has requested to join my portal, company or experience, the email now contains all the details of that user’s request.
  • When I receive an email notification that a learner applied to my project, I can now see the full content of the application in the email.
  • As the recipient of a survey, I can now complete the survey through the unique link in my email notification without logging in.
  • Learners now receive a more descriptive reminder email to start a project, which includes recommended next steps.
  • When a meeting is booked via Google Meet or Zoom integration, the ICS file sent with the email notification now pre-fills that videoconference link in the location field.
  • Projects that have promotional content for a company rather than a true project scope are now automatically flagged for review using AI.
  • An educator can now send project proposals that include all main project details fields, including the skills and mentorship fields.
  • A learner can no longer create a new application to a project they’ve already joined, unless this is explicitly enabled by the experience.
  • The email notifying a user of a new invitation now includes in the subject line information about what the user is being invited to.
  • As a learner, I should be able to start my project by replying to the reminder email in most circumstances.
  • As a learner, I should be notified via email if another member of my team has started our project.
  • The project kickoff panel of a team page should have a header to be consistent with the style of other panels on the page
  • Update subject line of unread message email to indicate which conversation it refers to

Bug fixes

  • Error ordering learners table on feedbacks average
  • When editing a survey the title field is not filled in
  • Message formatting issues - reply via email, signature not being stripped out
  • As an employer, I should not be able to submit match request custom questions if a required question is left blank.
  • Department name not showing cases
  • In match revision page, when "Unpaid" is default selection the payment amounts are shown
  • A user who clicks on an invitation link that has already been accepted should see a descriptive error message
  • Password change should expire all existing sessions for that user
  • Post-project surveys are able to be completed before submission if submission and survey date are the same
  • Company switcher logo is being resized incorrectly when company name is long