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What’s new in November 2023 - Reply via email, submit via email, company network page and more

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Shared by Emily • November 23, 2023

Latest updates from Oct 26 - Nov 23 on Riipen.

Highlight features

Reply to messages via email

Want to respond to another user on Riipen without leaving your email inbox? This is now available to all of our users.

  • You can hit respond on any unread message email notification to send your reply from the comfort and convenience of your own inbox.
  • Maintain the privacy and centralization of communicating through Riipen: other parties in the conversation will not see your email address, but will view your message both in-app and via email notification.

Visit the help article to learn more about this feature.

Submit project milestones and final deliverables via email 📩

For learners, the reply by email feature is extended to the ability to complete project milestones and the final submission by replying to the reminder notification emails.

  • Learners can submit their project milestones and deliverables via email
  • Learners can reply with a description of their submission and any related attachments and have the status of their project updated in-app with this information.

View overall company network for a portal

The “Companies” tab of a portal now includes a list of all companies the portal has matched with, in addition to showing (as it has to date) the companies who’ve been issued a portal pass to join the portal.

  • Gain a better picture of your overall company network size and scope.
  • Select any company to see their published projects, the ones they’ve specifically promoted to your portal, and any past matches with experiences in the portal.
  • Propose a new project, request to match with an existing one, or leave notes for other administrators.

Under “Portal content” in the main menu, select the “Companies” option to see this updated data.

Improvements and bug fixes


  • When creating a custom survey you can now mark it as “required.” Required surveys will block a user from completing any later actions on a project until they’ve answered the survey.
  • Surveys can’t be completed until the user is in the appropriate stage of the project. Mid-project surveys are now blocked until the user has started the project, while post-project surveys are blocked until the final submission has been made.
  • Surveys now have titles to help administrators and respondents distinguish between them and easily understand the survey’s purpose.
  • Employers can now see any pending requests they have with an experience they are currently viewing..
  • Employers are automatically redirected to the private marketplace when their portal pass application is accepted
  • A user who is inviting a new member to a team can now search learners who are members of the experience, in addition to inviting via email.
  • The “Teams” table now includes a feedback score column, so that everywhere teams are listed you can easily see whether feedback was already given, and what the overall rating was.
  • The automated prompt that nudges users to respond to match requests after 5 days of inactivity now sends only to users who have not yet interacted in the chat.
  • As an educator, I can now create a team directly from a match page, under the “Teams” tab.
  • Attachment links are now included directly in unread message email notifications so a user does not need to visit the platform to view an attachment.
  • All members of a team now receive a confirmation email when a milestone is submitted.
  • Employers can now review a team’s submission (milestone or final deliverable) directly from their email, as the full description text and attachments are included in the email notification.
  • Educators can now create custom achievements for participants in a single experience, not only portal-wide.
  • Users can now earn achievements for completing specific surveys.
  • Titles in the marketplace can now show up to 2 lines
  • The team page steps (start project, complete milestone, complete final submission) now have a unified style to improve the clarity of expected actions on the team page.

Bug fixes

  • "Upcoming events" in dashboard were not consistently listed in ascending order
  • Invite modal crashing when no emails entered and submit button pressed
  • Employer unable to accept a match request when verification is required in specific circumstances
  • Learners can't make a submission when a required employer survey has not been completed
  • A user’s average feedback score should recalculate when feedback is edited
  • Search page resets to first item in list on clicking "back"
  • Projects displayed on learner profile includes all applications
  • Unable to change language setting from English to French
  • Error creating survey instances for a team when dates are added or edited after team creation
  • Learner does not advance past verification screen in some circumstances
  • Match request and match page does not reflect compensation amount set in match request wizard
  • Requests and matches count not displaying consistently in marketplace