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What's new - Oct 4 2023 - Message formatting and more

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Shared by Emily • October 04, 2023

New features, improvements and bug fixes released on Riipen from Sept 27-Oct 4.


  • As a portal admin or experience admin, I should be able to see responses to surveys when viewing any learner member of my portal or experience.
  • As any user, I should be able to add rich text to messages (hyperlinking, bulleted and numbered lists, etc)


  • Update style of rich text editor in messages
  • Replace terminology project/experience with employer/educator in request table activity column for greater clarity
  • Add program code to experience page

Fixed bugs

  • Message input was not always fixed at the bottom of the conversation pane
  • Error viewing post notification when post doesn't exist anymore
  • As a learner, I should see the notice "Sign agreements to unlock the matches" only if I am a member of the experience