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What's new - Sept 27 2023 - Binding deadlines, two-sided application acceptance and more

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Shared by Emily • September 27, 2023

New features, improvements and bug fixes released on Riipen from Sept 14-27.


  • Binding deadlines - As the administrator of an experience, you can now opt for deadlines to be binding for participants. If this setting is enabled, you can set an optional grace period as well. Once the deadline plus the grace period has passed, student teams can no longer proceed with the project. For experiences with strict requirements on timing, this allows you to enforce those deadlines automatically, with built-in reminders.
  • Two-sided application acceptance - If you are using the "applications" feature, as an educator, you can now choose to enable two-sided application acceptance. If active, this feature will require the team to confirm or cancel following the employer acceptance of their application.


  • Messages layout update: the message "sidebar" with context on the conversation is now available on a wider range of screen sizes, and opens up in a modal for smaller screens. The message header is more descriptive and now lists the members in a conversation. Stay tuned for more messages updates next week, with improvements coming to the content of that messages sidebar.
  • Update to applications table to show whether team has confirmed or not following employer acceptance.
  • Update icon used to represent achievements from "trophy" to "award" for better consistency of iconography.
  • As an experience admin, I should be able to add default application screening questions for learners on matches where applications are required.
  • As an employer, I should see a notice on the match request page when a match request has expired that prompts me to close my project.
  • Category colours have been updated to provide better contrast between categories.
  • Show completed variant of the survey panel for completed surveys
  • As an educator, I should be able to invite learners to my experience via a modal: from the Learners tab of the experience, click "Invite" and you'll now see a dropdown of options to create teams, invite to experience, or copy instructions. This makes the process for "invite to experience" shorter for educators.

Bug fixes

  • Clear all doesn't reset checkbox filters
  • Employer is not able to sign agreements