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What's new - Sept 13 2023 - Surveys, privacy settings and more

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Shared by Emily • September 13, 2023

New features, improvements and bug fixes released on Riipen from Aug 24 - Sept 13..

Today's update spans the last three weeks and includes a long-awaited new feature (custom surveys) and many quality of life improvements for all users.


  • Custom surveys - As a portal admin, I can add custom surveys to be administered across all experiences in my portal. These can be sent pre-experience, mid-experience, or post-experience at configurable times. They can be required or optional, and include all common survey question types. The same functionality exists for educators to add surveys to their own experience. Surveys can be sent to both learners and employers. Learn more


  • Users, companies and portals now have more granular control over privacy settings for their profiles and their content. Learn more
  • The match request table now includes an activity column to indicate the status of both the project and experience's acceptance of the request.
  • The project marketplace can now be filtered by the Cause a project supports.
  • The experience "matches" table can now be filtered by the Cause a project supports.
  • A user who is invited to the platform via email now has their email address pre-filled in the sign up form.
  • The feedback standalone page now includes the year feedback was given.
  • Users can now filter their conversations by the conversation type, and by the associated portal, company, experience, project or team.
  • The portal Learners table can now be filtered by location, average rating, and profile categories.
  • When an archived conversation receives a new message, the conversation becomes un-archived.
  • The project marketplace can now be filtered by company size.

Bug fixes

  • On mobile, dropdown menus would remain open after the user made a selection. This is now fixed.
  • If the user does not have permission to view the conversation associated with a match request, the message icon is now hidden from from the match request table.