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What's new - Aug 23 2023 - Agreements, Posts and more

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Shared by Emily • August 23, 2023

New features, improvements and bug fixes released on Riipen from Aug 2-23.

Today's update spans the last three weeks and includes two exciting new features and several small improvements.


  • Agreements - an educator can add custom agreements to their experience, which must be accepted by employers and/or learners who participate. This can be used for program terms and conditions, intellectual property agreements, and other instances where participants must agree to terms beyond Riipen's standard terms and conditions. Learn more
    The same functionality exists for employers to add agreements to projects; these are accepted only by learners who work on the project. Employers may use this feature for (for example) non-disclosure agreements. Learn more.
  • Posts - As an educator, I can now post an update to my experience to notify all matched employers and/or all learner members about important info related to the experience. See help article


  • As an educator, I should see a notice on the match request page when a match request has expired that prompts me to close my experience.
  • As an educator, I should see a notice on the match request page when a match request is accepted that prompts me to close my experience.
  • Preserve capitalization in custom portal language
  • Update to timeline and criteria for automatically closing projects: projects are now closed after 50 days of inactivity; project admins are warned at 40 days
  • As any user, I should be able to see a 'Supported causes' section on the project page if a cause was added via the project wizard "tags" step

Bug fixes

  • The cancel button when saving a search becomes white on hover (not visible)
  • Location not mandatory on /companies/new
  • “Projects from open marketplace percentage can't be blank” error in experience wizard
  • Password changing bad request
  • Match Request page content overflows