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What's new - July 19 2023 - Causes, automated project quality checks and more.

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Shared by Emily • July 19, 2023

New features, improvements and bug fixes released on Riipen from July 5 - 19.


  • All projects published on Riipen are automatically reviewed using a custom implementation of OpenAI. Employers receive an email after project publication letting them know how their project scores on three main factors, and prompting edits as needed.
  • A project can now be tagged with a "Cause" from the list of UN Sustainable Development Goals. Once we have a critical mass of tagged projects, this will come a filter users can access in the project marketplace.


  • Where currency is selected in the experience wizard or match request wizard, a user can now select from AUD, GBP and EUR in addition to the existing options of CAD and USD.
  • 'View all' button on experience recommendations now links to the user's preferred marketplace
  • Error messages on form submissions are now listed in a section at the top of the form, to allow us to list even errors that don't appear directly on the page.
  • As an educator or employer, I should be able to filter projects/experiences in the marketplace by ones that don't accept my location
  • As a user, by default I should only see projects/experiences accepting my portal/company’s location in the marketplace
  • Conversations in the inbox can now be filtered by request state
  • Project resources are now editable directly in the project resources tab, not in the project wizard.
  • Industries and Number of Employees are now required fields in the project wizard, to improve our ability to match projects with experiences.
  • Paid experiences can now indicate if payment is provided by the employer, an external funder, or both.
  • A portal can now set its platform language and its preferred marketplace content language filter independently.