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What's new - July 5 2023 - Achievements and more

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Shared by Emily • July 05, 2023

New features, improvements and bug fixes released on Riipen from June 28 - July 5


  • The new Achievements feature launched on June 30. This feature gamifies the Riipen platform for users, allowing you to earn recognition in the form of achievements for different types of actions on the platform - not only for feedback. Users with past activity got a head start and had achievements issued to them at launch, and will continue to earn new ones from here on out.
  • Portals can also create their own achievements unique to their learners, educators, and employers. Learn more.


  • Update to the automated reminders and event activity that is shown within a conversation, to make these very distinct from user-initiated messages.
  • Add "What to expect" section to project draft reminder email to help new employers understand their first steps.
  • Add marketplace language setting to Portal Settings > General. This allows a portal to set a main language for their platform (English or French) and select one or more languages by which to filter the marketplace.
  • Application due date field should be optional in match request wizard and match revision page

Bug fixes

  • Match Request preview titles can overflow page on some screen sizes
  • Experience > Matches table showing incorrect teams count
  • Department tag in experience wizard will not allow to you remove the tag