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What's new - June 14, 2023 - Linking project templates and more

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Shared by Emily • June 14, 2023

New features, improvements and bug fixes released on Riipen from June 7-14.


  • As an educator, you can create a custom project template and link it to your experience. This option is accessible through the settings tab. Employers viewing your experience will be able to submit a project using your pre-approved template, to ensure a higher quality of project submission. Learn more.


  • The star rating component has been updated everywhere so that it's always used consistently with 5 stars shown and then the number of ratings included in that average.
  • The appearance of categories and industries on the user and company profile has been updated to look better and be more consistent with how they're displayed elsewhere.
  • The image upload modal closes automatically on completion rather than requiring the user to click Confirm.
  • If a user adds more than 10 options to a multiple choice question, these will now appear in a dropdown menu to the respondent.
  • Category dropdown menus are now ordered alphabetically
  • Portal > Learners now has a feedback column that is sortable
  • A learner can't complete milestones or the submission until the project is started.

Bug fixes

  • Issue where match request questions would give "Question has already been taken" error has been resolved.
  • Certain teams could not be deleted as they showed as having a self reflection, which was incorrectly associated with that team. The underlying data issue has been fixed so that all teams without submissions or feedback can now be deleted.